23 June 2013

Wake up call!

Assalamualaikum folks. This time I want you to open your heart, open your mind, open your eyes. Look all around you. I don't mean the people next to you, I meant the world that is progressing without you noticing what's happening out there. Wake up my dear beloved friends and family. Everybody to be exact. There's something fishy going on here. After doing some research, it's weird that every islam's country has torn apart. Their citizens and their government. All the citizens are not satisfied about the government due to it's corruption. I mean seriously that's it? Each one of these country seems to have the same agenda. I mean who's behind all of this? Yes, maybe it is true about the government being corrupted but I bet it's not all the ministers. It's a fact that there could be one of them that is corrupted. Well as the saying goes,"disebabkan niler setitik, rosak susu sebelanga". But couldn't you guys see that there's an agenda going on. Maybe it's the work of one of the oppose party. What are they really up to? That question keeps popping out in my mind recently. But when you think wisely you can see everything. Open your eyes, heart and mind wisely. Look carefully what's going on. One thing that I certainly have confident is taking down islam at all cost. It's not about politics, parties nor race. It's about religion. They don't hate if your arabian, malay or any other race. They just don't like islam that's all. I bet that you don't trust me eh? Why don't you be friend with a muallaf and ask them do their family agree with their decision and what had happened after they revert to islam? I said revert because everyone of us was born pure with no sins and that mean islam because islam is pure. That's where our family start to have responsibility and set us to be whether a Muslim, Buddhist or other. Us as muslim should not fight with one another, we should help each other and unite as one. But I don't see this unity in Malaysia especially after PRU13. All we do is argue and not being satisfied. Islam does not taught us this. We should be thankful that our country is peaceful. If you're thinking about others you might wanna remember what happened to Palestine, do these politician give any help to them? Do they fight for Palestine or remain silent instead? If that doesn't help you, read Al-Quran especially surah An-Nisa' verse 144 and surah Al-Maidah. Maybe you'll find you answers. I'm writing this doesn't mean I'm on the government side. I'm neutral with all these malaysian political parties. I'm just concern about islam. About our future. About this once a peaceful world. That's all. Thank you. Assalamualaikum.

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